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Grey Simplux LED Designer Wax Candle with Remote

Grey Simplux LED Designer Wax Candle with Remote

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With this magnificent Gray Simplux LED Designer Wax Candle, you can give your house the beauty and tranquility of flickering candles. Our Moving Flame simulates the ambient glow, unpredictable movement, and flickering of a genuine flame. It has the texture and appearance of a real candle because it is made of real wax, but it does not have the burnt smell or the dangers that come with an open flame. This set is the ideal, hassle-free addition to your home decor because it comes with a remote control with a timed function.


  • Simplux LED Designer Candle with remote -4 and 8 Hr Timer
  • Size: 3.5"D, 7.75"H
  • Wax/Plastic Material
  • 1.5 lb


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